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Top 20 home inspection photos from 2018

Merry Christmas! Our gift to you is the same thing we gave you last year; our Top 20 Home Inspection Photos compilation. All of these images were featured on our facebook page over the last year. Before you scroll through these photos, I encourage you to play Yakety Sax in the background to really get the full effect:

And just for fun, if you’d rather listen to my commentary than read it, here’s a video:

Magic guardrails. No newel posts required, apparently.

Magic guardrails

Who needs kickout flashing? Just install another gutter on the wall to catch the water that doesn’t make it into the first gutter.

Gutter's gutter

Are these overnotched? Maybe. We better check our notching and boring tables to be sure. This photo was courtesy of Derek Burchill with Electric City.

Overnotched joists

Yeah, that happened. This photo was also courtesy of Derek Burchill with Electric City.

Would you walk on this? We didn’t.

Rickety balcony

You could always recognize little Timmy by the unique scar on his forehead.

Pointed countertop

OUCH. This photo courtesy of Ray Reps, of Ray’s Independence Auto Repair.

Little Timmy's revenge

Ok, fine, we won’t inspect the sump basket <slowly backing away>.

grenade at sump basket

New air freshener scent: Tahitian PolyVinyl Chloride

Melted mini-blind

Ahh! Get out! The drapes are on fire! Oh no, wait, that’s just an infrared image. They’re fine.

Drapes on fire

Now it fits.

Toilet recessed into wall

30-amp service. No joke. That’s the whole electrical service. There’s nothing else.

30-amp service

Government humor. “Ped” is trade talk for that green box next to the sign. We know, it’s not home inspection related, but Dustin took this photo and kindly explained why this was funny to the rest of our team. He’s right, this is GOLDEN.

Watch for peds

Missed it by that much.

Attic dam missed the opening

What 17 tubes of caulking will get you.


Painted grout lines. They actually looked pretty good from the street.

Painted grout lines

Flex Seal® to the rescue. This photo courtesy of Virginia home inspector Bronson Anderson.

Should have called a plumber

Frost-covered attic. Yes, there was a whole-house humidifier running at this house.

Frost in attic

Properly bonded outlet.

properly bonded outlet

One heck of a calling card.

Insulation calling card

The most expensive way to hold up shelves.

Lego shelf supports

That makes 20. There were a few other cool photos that we took this year, however, and I have to share them while I have your attention.

Old Radiator.

Old Radiator

Neat panels.

Neat electrical wiring

Cool light fixture. And that pressure gauge better be decorative.

Cool light

Clean, ancient boiler. And it’s not wrapped with asbestos! A truly rare find.

Ancient boiler

Happy New Year! If you like these kinds of photos, please check out our facebook page. Also, check out the winners from previous years:

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2 responses to “Top 20 home inspection photos from 2018”

  1. Jen and Jo
    January 2, 2019, 1:56 pm

    Dear Reuben:

    As the guilty party with the LEGO holding up the shelves, we must say: au contraire! The little pegs to hold those giant corner shelves up did NOT do their jobs, constantly falling out and/or breaking. As the parents of two boys, we had duplos coming out our ears and this was the easiest, fastest and most painless way to keep those shelves up.

    We are so glad that the buyer is (1) a mom and (2) has a great sense of humor.

    Thanks for making us…. uh, famous?

    Jen and Jo

  2. Reuben Saltzman
    January 3, 2019, 6:14 am

    Jon and Jo, you two rock. The listing photos for your home also had us in stitches, I think. You were the ones with the dinosaur, right?

    I love your style, ingenuity, and sense of humor. Thank you.

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