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Video post: a comparison of three gas sniffers

I’ve done a video comparison of three different gas sniffers. My favorite gas sniffer, aka “combustible gas detector”, is currently the TIF 8900. For this video post, I compared a TIF 8800x, a TIF8900, and a RIDGID CD-100. Just watch the video, and I think you’ll understand why I prefer the TIF 8900.

If the video doesn’t display, click this link to see it:

Harvey's Gas Leak DetectorFor the record, I don’t report gas leaks based on my findings with any gas sniffer; I only use a gas sniffer to quickly locate suspected leaks. I use a liquid gas leak detection solution to confirm the presence of gas leaks.

Bubbles at gas leak

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  1. Scott Knudson
    May 15, 2016, 4:00 pm

    Great blog and info. I am located in Orange County Ca and always looking for an reading home inspection blogs.

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