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And... that's how you like to support your deck? "...Folgers in your duct!" Cooked mice in furnace If one filter is good, four is... gooder? safety first ;-) Hot flush All hail the electric panel Missing Drain, smart water Not a loop vent Repurposed radon fan Saddle valve crimped line Stacked Box Upside-Down Snorkel Don’t tuck your raincoat into your rain pants  Time-Out Chairs Are All About Placement Put the milk in the back of the fridge Sump Pump to sanitary sewer Hot Shower (look carefully) Perfect Inspection Overflowing Standpipe That Rug Better Come With The House The Gauntlet Glowing bonding screw Drip Line Dropped Ceilings Were Invented To Hide Electrical Hazards Soffit Bone Downspout aimed at outlet Door Stop / Smoke Alarm Combo Corner toilets are expensive Yellow Flames at Oven Worst roof ever Strategic Bath Fan Placement Scorched "Safer Cooking" Manual Obstructed vacuum breaker Not-so-frost-free faucet Missing roof vent Mexicantilever Leaves in attic Medusa plumbing Leaning Porch TwoFur Leak at Cast Iron Pipe Hole in ductwork for outlet Deteriorated Chimney Liner Crazy venting Crawl space with trailer Combustion air valve Bent outlet cover Water Behind Escutcheon Rotted roof decking Register inside cabinet No heat register Mouse in panel Missing Fuses Mirror Tile on kitchen floor Ice filled soffit Home Made Hot Roof Hockey puck fascia repair Hack Ice Dam Removal from pressure washer Garbage can sump basket Downspout into return air damaged chimney Covered outlet Chimney with facade falling apart Central air-ish Bad Shingle Repair Bad Chimney Cut I-Beam Cut Closed-Web Floor Joist  Stressed Column Mast in valleyBad Roof Installation Improper drain repairs Improper drain repairs 2 Improper drain repairs 3 BX through plumbing vent Flexible trap Caulked drain Collapsed water heater Tree trunk or post Meth supplies Hoarder house Hoarder house 2 Hat on vent Rotted window Missing mortar at chimney Holes in chimney cap Cracked chimney Cable through dryer duct Cable through dryer duct 2 Triple tap Cut panel cover 2 Missing conduit Mast head on ground Corroded conductor Scorched aluminum conductor Mushroom in attic Attic insulation Ice in Attic Furnace covers installed backwards Ice Dam-age control Useless Shower Fan Rorschach mold Laundry Chute in Shower Little Giant at Eave Bowed Deck Tree in attic Hardwood floor repairs Door cutout for toiletSome Things Can’t Be Explained Brass Has No Class