Welcome to Structure Tech

Reuben teaches free continuing ed classes to real estate agents and currently has three different courses that have been approved by the Minnesota Department of Commerce.   These classes are taught under the training provider “Thomas Law Group, PLLC”.  Click this link to see upcoming classes.

Interested in having a class taught at your office? Please email Reuben directly: reuben@structuretech1.com .

How to spot major residential water problems (1 hour)

This class will cover residential design problems that lead to water intrusion. The most common failure locations will be covered, which includes:

  • Roofs, problematic roof designs
  • Ground water management problems
  • Chimney problems (both masonry and wood)
  • Siding failures
  • Window failures

This class will teach attendees how to quickly identify problematic roof designs, as well as problematic landscaping. This class will teach where these failures most often occur, how they occur, and what warning signs to look for.

Old Houses, Home Inspector Insights (2.5 hours)

This course is focused on the most common home inspection defects that come up during inspections of old houses, with a focus on old Minneapolis and Saint Paul homes.  Topics include:

  • General differences between old and new homes
  • Chimneys, chimney scans
  • Boilers
  • Gravity furnaces
  • Roof lines, problems associated with old roofs
  • Miscellaneous old-houses features (aka “doo-hickeys”)
  • Bedrooms
  • Plumbing: drum traps, floor drains, S-traps, steel drains, steel water lines, lead water supplies, cross-connections
  • Asbestos
  • Electrical – overhead wires, fuse panels, knob and tube wiring, ungrounded outlets and fixtures
  • Foundations
  • Ice dams

Home Inspection Horrors and How to Fix Them (2.5 hours)

This class covers some of the most common home inspection defects and clarifies whether these are a big deal or a small deal.

  • Negotiations after the inspection
  • Problems with ‘flipped’ houses
  • What’s the big deal about a cracked heat exchanger?
  • Furnace certification/safety check/service call…what’s the difference?
  • What’s the concern with the double tapped circuit breakers, really?
  • Federal Pacific Electric panels
  • Aluminum wiring
  • How to spot a buried fuel oil tank
  • Ice dam myths
  • Top deck defects
  • Stone veneer siding, the new stucco?
  • New construction defects

The calendar below shows our scheduled upcoming classes.  In accordance with Minnesota Statute Chapter 45.30, Subd. 7 (Courses open to all), all real estate agents are welcome to attend any of these classes, regardless of location or agency.  Access may be restricted to these classes based on class size only.